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1. How do I get support from Mimi?

Teal Circle Members – I am here to answer your questions personally. You can ask your question in the portal once a month and I will be sure to answer it via email so that you can keep moving forward.

Emerald Evolution Members – as an Emerald member, you have direct access to me every week.

You can ask your question in the portal once a week and also via the Live Chat time.

You also have your private Facebook Groups, the Teal Circle, and the Emerald Evolution, where you can ask any questions and I will do my best to answer these personally, or one of the other members in the group may be able to also assist and support you.

If you need some 1:1 time with me, you can book in a session(s) with me where we will work on one problem and come up with one solution.

I’m here for you and here to help.

So if you have any questions about navigating around the portal, you can reach out to me at [email protected]

2. Where do I change my password?

You can update your password here. If you have any problems, just email [email protected] and we’ll be able to help you out.

3. How do I update my credit card?

Our secure payment portal uses PayPal to process payments. To update your credit card, please log into your PayPal account, go to ‘Account Settings’ under your name in the top right hand corner, click on ‘Money, bank accounts and cards’ and click ‘Edit’ next to the relevant credit card to enter/update your new credit card details.

If your credit card details are not up to date, you will receive 2-3 Failed Payment email notifications from PayPal, and if you have not updated your card details during this time, your subscription and membership access will be cancelled.

If you are experiencing any issues, please email [email protected]  to let us know.


1. How can I join the private Facebook Group for my course?

The Teal Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for Teal Circle Members only.

The Emerald Evolution Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for Emerald Evolution Members only.

These are the perfect places to discuss your progress in the weekly/fortnightly activities and exercises, and to celebrate the wins!

You can request to join the Teal Circle Facebook group here.

You can request to join the Emerald Evolution Facebook group here.

2. What are the House Rules for the Facebook Groups?

No pitching, promoting or selling – please refrain from offering lead capture or paid offers in the Facebook groups or sharing your own Facebook Pages or groups.

Keep it respectful and helpful :). We work by the principle of “if everyone did it, would it be ok?” We have created a safe and supportive space where we can share our highs and lows, our fears and our joys, and also importantly our sense of humour.

Hook each other up! Found something useful or valuable? Share it.

Did something that worked a treat? Fill us in!

Need recommendations? Ask and let me hook you up too!

I love sharing our secrets and successful actions in these groups so be generous and enjoy :)!

These groups are an incredible place to get support, questions answered and share your wins.

Don’t be overly humble – did you have a win? Well then share it and let us celebrate with you! I love sharing wins, big or small and encourage you to be proud of what you’re achieving xx

Let’s enjoy this space, encourage each other, band together and be each other’s inspiration :)!

Please note: Posts that don’t follow our house rules will be deleted